Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Shrine of Arthis

The Shrine of ARthis
I've been helping my uncle self-publish his epic fantasy novel The Shrine of Arthis.

I've helped with cover art and website design as well as all the steps involved with actually getting a self published novel out there where people can get at it.

The Shrine of Arthis is an epic fantasy that is broken up into two ebooks or a single paperback.
The story centers on the Foedan people and their struggles against soul destroying creatures who threaten their way of life.  The setting is a medieval world where people use earthpowers to live in close affinity with nature. It centers upon messages of perseverance, self-sacrifice and forgiveness. It’s a story that will be appreciated by anyone who loves a wholesome tale of good versus evil.

Check it out, it's (mostly) available now!

Book One free on Kindle
Book Two 2.99 on Kindle

Paperback 17.99 on Amazon

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