About Me

"I write better than I talk" 

I have been making up stories in my head since I was a kid, and I figure it's time I start writing them down.
I am an aspiring writer of fantasy and science fiction.  I always thought I was more of a sci-fi fan than a fantasy fan, but most of my story ideas seem to be in the fantasy genre.

I'm also into graphic design, I've just finished helping my uncle self-publish his fantasy novel series, The Shrine of Arthis, and I created the covers for his books, the website and the fantasy map included in the book.

When not writing or marketing The Shrine of Arthis, my hobbies are fish keeping, gardening (both indoors and out, I love plants!) and cooking.

I am probably the most socially awkward person that has ever existed so I always prefer to have time to think about what I want to say which is why I write better than I talk.

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