My Work

All of the images on this website are mine unless otherwise noted.

I did the cover art and map for The Shrine Of Arthis series, and I am particularly proud of the map:

Foedan Map

It is part hand-drawn and part graphic design.

The Shrine of Arthis paperback cover is probably my next favorite:

The Shrine of Arthis

I suppose I can't take full credit for this one. My uncle took the photo of the mountain in the back, which I altered slightly. The rest was done in a 3D modeling program called Daz Studio. It's really a neat program designed around figure modeling. 

My least favorite, I suppose I felt a little rushed for this one, is the cover for book two.

This one was done with a combination of Daz Studio and Blender. Blender is a rather intense 3D modeling software that takes a lot of getting used to and is rather hard to use when you're first learning. But if you can get past that stage, there are a loot of really amazing things that can be done with it. I usually end up getting pretty frustrated and walk away before I accomplish very much. 


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